Hams Hall
Battery Energy Storage System

Hams Hall Battery Energy Storage System (BESS) in North Warwickshire

Hams Hall is a battery energy storage project on the northeastern fringe of Birmingham with a capacity of 350 MW.

The project is expected to provide a broad range of services to support the UK electricity system including potentially longer duration services, with scope for more than five hours duration.


Luminous Energy has a minority stake in Hams Hall having sold most of its interests in the project to BW Group in 2022 having secured planning permission earlier the same year. We worked hard with local stakeholders to ensure the project was acceptable to the local community, which was particularly important given its location in the green belt. This resulted in support from the North Warwickshire Borough Council Planning and Development Board who approved the plans unanimously. The project contributes towards the Borough Council’s ambitious targets to become zero carbon by 2030.


In addition to contributing towards the nation’s transition to zero carbon electricity, the project includes plenty of initiatives to improve biodiversity in the area. These include a biodiversity buffer strip – wildflower, bird seed mix and hibernaculae; a new hedge that also will act as a screen, and additional tree planting to plant and infill hedges.


Construction is expected to begin in 2024 with an anticipated grid connection date in 2026.